A guide to Country Hope’s Camp Buddy Application

Your successful application as a Country Hope Camp Buddy will be determined by a number of important criteria:

  • Your ability to complete the Country Hope Camp Buddy application form (online or hard copy) and answer every point required.

  • You should have a genuine empathy for country children and families.

  • Country Hope is a family focused organisation, therefore Camp Buddies should be aware that assigned children may be a child diagnosed with cancer or life threatening illness, a sibling of a diagnosed child or have lost a brother or sister to cancer or life threatening illness.

  • Your Referee’s must know they have been nominated as a character reference and should be aware a Country Hope representative will contact them.

  • Provide a valid and current WWCC. A Working with Children Check (WWCC) is a requirement for people who work or volunteer in child-related work. It involves a national criminal history check and a review of findings of workplace misconduct.

  • It is compulsory to attend an interview at a pre-arranged time and location.

  • You must be able to attend the Country Hope Camp Buddy and volunteer training weekend.

  • Be available for the total time of the Country Hope Children’s Holiday Week. Normally held during the first week of the NSW September School holidays or the second week of the Victorian September School holidays.

  • It is of major importance to Country Hope that the pride and sensitivity of families be protected at all times. Therefore it is essential that confidentiality be maintained and respected. Should you have any matters of concern they should be reported to the Country Hope coordinators only.

  • It is the expectation of Country Hope those Camp Buddies will conduct themselves in a suitable and sensitive manner whilst involved with Country Hope matters, with children and families involved with Country Hope.

  • Applicants should be aware that children on treatment for cancer have a lower immunity to contagious diseases. Measles, chickenpox, shingles and some other viruses including the flu, pose serious risks for children on treatment.

  • If you come in contact with any of these diseases within 3 weeks of any planned contact with children please contact the Country Hope Office on the number listed in the letterhead.

For any further information please contact Head Office  

Free Call     1800 007 880 or (02) 6971 8955

Email          admin@countryhope.com.au