We Listen  

Country Hope provides practical, emotional and financial assistance to families caring for a child with cancer of other life threatening illness.  If you are in need of assistance please contact your local Family Liaison Officer or the family assistance line on 1800 007 880

Family Care Program

Country Hope Family support programs aim to improve the lives of Country Kids. Our programs provide each child and their family with the individual support they need whilst caring for a child who has been diagnosed with cancer or other life threatening illnesses. We offer specifically tailored financial, practical and emotional support throughout the child’s journey.

Hospital Care Program

Our specialised family liaison team offer in hospital visits during the child stay to provide the family with the best quality support.  We take the time to listen, provide strategies for coping and can assist the family to access the financial support and services they need.

Special Holidays for Families

Holidays can be often impossible when you are caring for a child with a life threatening illness. Country Hope can assist eligible families to access family holiday accommodation to get that family holiday that can make all the difference. 

Financial Support

When caring for a child with a life threatening illness it can be difficult to make ends meet.  Depending on the level of care your child requires you may find that you need to leave work to care for them.  If this is the case how do you afford to live?  There is still all your financial commitment to meet but in addition to those you have to take into account your child’s medical costs, medications, expensive equipment, dressings, travel and accommodation costs, as well as any additional therapies needed.