A Long Journey

In 1995 my precious baby son was born with chronic liver failure requiring transplantation. As transplant technology was not nearly as advanced as it is today, Kiaren was not expected to live past his first few months of life.  Due to transplant waiting times and many other factors he did not receive his life saving (and for him life changing) transplant until just before his 14th birthday.  

Cristy Houghton
Rosey's Battle

A parents worst nightmare came true on December 2007 ourthree and a half year old Rosey was diagnosed with Leaukemia. Our world and family fell apart, my husband, Rosey, me and our 8 week old baby drove to RCH Melbourne and had to leave behind the twins 10yrs, sammy 2yrs and Jessy 1 yr with family.
We started Rosey’s battle with cancer by living in Melbourne for 6 weeks she underwent unimaginable pain of needles, yucky medicines forced down her throat, transfusions, lumbar punctures, until she had no more veins to access then they put a Porte-Cath inside her to stick the chemo needles....

Cristy Houghton
Jack's Story

I remember so vividly that first massive black and purple bruise surrounding a lump the size of an acorn on his shin. The questions rushed to mind ‘How on earth did this happen’.  The bruising continued over this Queens Birthday Long Weekend 2012 with smaller bruises popping up on the lower half of his body along with irritability, pain, loss of appetite and small blood noses during the night.

Cristy Houghton