Rosey's Battle

A parents worst nightmare came true on December 2007 ourthree and a half year old Rosey was diagnosed with Leaukemia. Our world and family fell apart, my husband, Rosey, me and our 8 week old baby drove to RCH Melbourne and had to leave behind the twins 10yrs, sammy 2yrs and Jessy 1 yr with family.

We started Rosey’s battle with cancer by living in Melbourne for 6 weeks she underwent unimaginable pain of needles, yucky medicines forced down her throat, transfusions, lumbar punctures, until she had no more veins to access then they put a Porte-Cath inside her to stick the chemo needles....

When we finally drove back to Wodonga, emotionally destroyed, a social worker put us in contact with Country Hope.

Country Hope helped our family out financially with petrol vouchers for the weekly travels to Melbourne for treatment. Matt used up all his holiday leave and we had a new house loan to pay off, every cent counted.   You brought us around food and clothes hampers for the children and at Christmas a huge parcel of pressies for the kids was greatly appreciated. It all really lightened our financial and emotional burdens.

Then came Rosey’s first County Hope camp at Whyma, and for once she could be around other children without being picked on for having short hair, as it fell out 4 times which is very rare!!

Her and her big brother and sister, Josh and Alhanna had the best time of there lives!!! They are so looking forward to the next one. The kids all loved the Christmas party and the fun rides and Santa .Thank you country hope for all you have done for our family you guys all have a great Xmas and safe new year.

 Linda D.

Wodonga Vic

Cristy Houghton