Name Change for our wonderful Volunteers who support our Children at Camp

Country Hope has changed the name "Carer" to "Buddy" to better reflect the role of our carers throughout the six days of camp that we hold each year. When people read about being a carer at our “Time Out for Life” holiday camp, they sometimes feel that they couldn’t fulfill the role due to the intricacies, both physically and emotionally, of supporting a child with cancer or other life-threatening illness.

Although some of our children may still be receiving treatment for their illness whilst on camp, they are definitely up to the challenge to have a fun and exciting time.

The most difficult part of being a buddy

is for you to find out if you’re up to the challenge

to keep up with the fast and hectic pace of camp

It’s a lot of fun and a great way to build terrific and long lasting friendships, both with the children and adults. As a newcomer to camp you will enjoy the company of a friendly and inclusive group of people, all there for the same reasons.

To help a child have the time of their life!!

Name Change Buddy.png

Country Hope