The Country Hope Trust provides family centred support programs to country children diagnosed with cancer and other CHRONIC life threatening illnesses.

Country Hope is dedicated to developing support programs and services, in response to the needs of country families.

We recognise that childhood cancer and other chronic life threatening illnesses place incredible stress on the family. For this reason we are dedicated to developing support programs and services that address the needs of the entire family.

We provide:

  • Positive, exciting programs for diagnosed children to assist in reducing the constant stress and maximise the benefits of medical care
  • Support programs for the brothers and sisters of a child diagnosed with cancer or similar life threatening illness, including bereavement support
  • Emotional support by offering family members the opportunity to meet others in similar circumstances
  • Ongoing bereavement support to families who have lost a child from cancer or other chronic life threatening illness
  • Training and support to Country Hope Carers and Volunteers

Our Goals:

  • To reduce the stresses that surround a family with a child diagnosed with a life threatening illness such as cancer, by extending the caring hand of assistance
  • To operate a country based, not for profit organisation that aims to achieve the most effective application of our supporters' contributions
  • To provide immediate support without the red tape, when and how it is needed most

There are many worthwhile children’s charities and support organisations in Australia. Some provide camps, and some provide funding for specific items, whilst others invest in research. 

What sets Country Hope apart from other similar organisations is that it is a unique charity that not only supports children diagnosed with cancer but very importantly children that have been diagnosed with often rare and chronic life threatening illnesses. Without the support of Country Hope these children in many cases do not have access to adequate support and essential programs.

Country Hope offers a regional service that ensures that our local diagnosed children and their families are able to benefit from ongoing practical, financial and emotional support, and have the opportunity to build very special friendships and bonds with other local children, families, carers and medical staff.

Country Hope believes that all children diagnosed with cancer or chronic life threatening illness deserve to have access to the benefits received through our special programs. Through providing these programs we aim to improve the quality of life of children diagnosed with cancer or chronic life threatening illnesses in Southern NSW and North Eastern Victoria; by providing specialised support and programs that cater for the specific needs of our country children and their families.