Temora Flyers

The Country Hope families had a great time with the Temora Flyers on the weekend of the 20th - 22nd May 2016. Our thanks go to the Temora Flyers for their generosity. They were gracious hosts indeed and everyone had a fantastic time.

The kids and the adults got to go flying - some upside down - and it was a wonderful experience for everyone.The Temora Flyers hosted the families for two nights (camping out) and we had a great BBQ, saw the V8 superboats, we went to the movies and swimming - a great weekend all-round and a lot of fun. Our thanks go to the Temora Shire Council and Temora’s local service clubs.  The whole town got behind the event and we plan to have it bigger and better next year. A special mention should be made of Ian and Lise Bell’s contribution to this wonderful event and our thanks to Ian Bell for “getting his idea off the ground”.



Country Hope