Charles Sturt University Wagga have nominated Country Hope as their designated charity for “O”Week in February 2018

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Charles Sturt University Wagga has nominated Country Hope as their designated charity for “O” Week in February 2018.

This will be a wonderful boost for awareness of what we do in the community and a chance to educate the students on the benefits of becoming involved in charity work including as possible Carers for Camp. They also traditionally raise a large financial return for their chosen charity as well. We are very grateful for their generous support.

Morgan Harrigan, organiser for 2018 O Week Wagga Wagga Campus, stated that "Country Hope was selected as the charity because it a great local charity which supports a worthy cause".

Thank you to Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga for supporting Country Hope!


O Week at Charles Sturt University

Orientation Week commonly known as O Week is the on-campus event that is designed to orientate commencing students to studying at Charles Sturt University. O Week is one part of the larger Orientation program that commences at the enrolment of the student and concludes at the end of their first session of study. Prior to O Week students will have been directed to complete the Online Orientation which provides the entry level information for students. Student are then encouraged to come onto campus the week before the start of sessions to orientate themselves with their new surroundings, meet fellow students and learn about life as a student.

Aims of O Week:

O Week aims to enhance the student experience as students enter Charles Sturt University.     O Week provides an orientation program, inclusive of events and activities across all faculties and divisions.

It is a fun and informative week of activities to that allows students to become familiar with the CSU environment and settle into university.

In particular, it aims to:

●     Provide an orientation process that helps all commencing students settle into CSU

●     Inform students know about the tools and services available so they are successful and enabled  in University study

●     Ensure students know what they need to do before they start and during their first session

●     Build understanding of the transition process and activities students engage with over this period

●     Provide an opportunity for students to develop a strong network of peers and support personnel and ensure the campus based student representative committee are known to students

●     Engage commencing students with the CSU campus and community

●     Establish a social environment where students can learn, engage and have fun.

O Week Outcomes:

●     Students are prepared for study at CSU

●     Services and support networks are known to students

●     Events are held where all commencing students of the CSU community have the opportunity to attend

●     Specialised engagement opportunities within CSU & local communities

●     Students gain a greater sense of connection to Charles Sturt University and understanding of the CSU values

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Nikki Grae